THE SPIDERS 1961-1971


THE SPIDERS will be released in 1966 Song of psychedelic garage.


THE SPIDERS 1961-1971

THE SPIDERS masterpieces.
The song was CD "Mera… Mera Mera Group Sound Original Cinema Trax" are included.


THE TIGERS 1967-1971

Formed in Kyoto, "SALLY & PLAYBOYS" Sawada Kenji joined the group in, "THE FUNNYS" be renamed. They are the Tigers in 1966 "to be renamed in 1967 in February" BOKU NO MARY "debuted.
At that time, is enormously popular in Japan.

They were in the 1980s reunited and released three singles.



July 1967 to Oka Naomi, Julie Hirooka, Miwa Itonori, Miho Matsubara, Yumi Togashi, Mika Ohtori of only six women as a group since the March 1968, "Miss YOPPARATTA / SOBANIITE" record debut .

Pinky Chicks is Japan's first all girl garage band

THE MOPS 1966-1974

In 1966, formed in Saitama. THE MOPS original form is an instrumental band. Members of the Hoshi, Sankou, Murakami, Mikiharu Suzuki four people, but there's older brother, Mikiharu Suzuki Suzuki Hiromitsu five men are joined as a vocalist for the band as full-fledged activities will begin.

Broke up in May 1974.
Japan's first psychedelic band sound.


THE SPIDERS 1961-1971

It started with backup musicians as well. Members change until 1964, known in Japan before the Kinks and the Beatles inspired by any group than among the first copy. Garage sound band formed in 1965 First single "HURI HURI" was released. Since then, with characteristic vigor and brightness, fashion and comedy and music bands to combine powerful faction.

January 1971, broke up. THE SPIDERS reunion, as has previously been made several times.